About Us

Naughty Cups is an up and coming cupcake franchise. Funny things happen when you don't plan on it and that's how our "naughty cups" came to be. All it took was the holiday of all drunken holidays to arrive and Jessica made Irish Car Bomb cupcakes. From there the innovation of alcohol infused cupcakes was born! If you bake it and BOOZE it, they will come! Waves of demands came in for business cards, special orders and menus and here we are today. A flourishing business with lots of praises to be shared. The site is designed to share, order and give your peeps some sweets.

Based in the sinfully delicious metropolis of Atlanta, Georgia, Naughty Cups is here to revamp your outlook on the once wholesome dessert. We guarantee what no other cups can...It's not your mama's cupcake