Who doesn't like cupcakes? No one that's who. And who wouldn't like to take delcious cupcakes and make them a little naughty by adding some delicious alcohol to it?

That is exactly what we do at Naughty Cups, taking two of your guilty pleasures, and combining them into one irresistible treat. We use everything from Irish vodka and blush champagne to stout beers and eggnog.

Take a look at our Cupcake Gallery to see what sinfully delightful treats we have to offer. If you are curious you can check out how we got started. Once you have taken a look around go to our contact page to place an order or to get more info.

Be naughty... with your cupcakes.

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Testimonials / What Our Clients Say

  • Delcious cupcakes!! These are the best I have ever had!!
    Michael, Atlanta, GA
  • Naughty Cups cupcakes are incredible! You can't just have one!
    John, McDonough, GA
  • Seriously the best damn thing I have ever had in all my life.
    Peter, Atlanta, GA